5 Celebrity-Inspired Fashion Accessories You Can Buy on a Budget

Want to dress like celebrity but don't want to break the bank? No worries; there are plenty of budget-friendly and celebrity-inspired apparel accessories that you can rock in your wardrobe.

1. Sofia Vergara Apparel

1. Sofia Vergara Apparel

Who doesn't love Sofia Vergara? She's a natural beauty. And she has her very own line of clothing at K-Mart; all of the clothing, including this curve-flattering blazer, is reasonably priced and absolutely stylish!

Sofia by Sofia Vergara – Solid Butterfly Caftan – $98.00, Free shipping – Available at SurfOutlet.com

2. Paris Hilton Accessories

2. Paris Hilton Accessories

It's safe to say that pretty much every woman has wanted to look like Paris Hilton at one point or another. One thing she's known for is her always in-style shoes. By shopping her surprisingly affordable shoe line, you can get your own pair of Paris Hilton pumps for those nights out on the town.

Paris Hilton – Destiny High Heels (Purple) – $36.99, Free shipping – Available at 6pm.com

3. Lily Aldridge Casual

3. Lily Aldridge Casual

Known for her casual style, Lily Aldridge is often caught by paparazzi rocking loose-fitting pants and a cute top. And you don't need to spend hundreds to achieve her casual yet somehow put-together look. Grab your own pair of loose-fitting slacks and a cute fall jacket for the same look.

Velvet – Lily Aldridge for Velvet by Graham & Spencer Army Jacket – $150.00, Free shipping – Available at Nordstrom

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4. Rihanna

4. Rihanna

Want to make a statement like Rihana does in her bombshell summer dresses but don't want to spend the cash? No worries; you can grab your own summer floppy hat, floral skirt, and stylish crop top for a fraction of the price.


Susana Monaco – Rihanna Dress in Charcoal Charcoal Female XS, S, M – $169.00, Free shipping – Available at Revolve Clothing

5. Jennifer Lopez

5. Jennifer Lopez

Want to look like J. Lo while wearing any dress you like? We've got your problem solved! Venus offers you all kinds of clothing at such low prices.


Venus – Floral Print Dress – Size 2, Brown – $34.00, 7.95 shipping – Available at Venus

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DIY Flower Arrangements

Want to save on your wedding or holiday flowers? Why not make your bouquets and centerpieces on your own? Don’t get intimidated because it’s really easy to make them. Here are some ideas.

Inspire instant smiles with a mix of old and new


The secret to this soft, yet sophisticated tableau is to blend heirloom accents and fresh-picked flowers with streamlined dinnerware. An embroidered linen tablecloth is sprinkled with bright garden sampler bouquets tucked into vintage glass bottles. Simple porcelain plates and cotton napkins add layers of modern flair.

Elevate sweets with a mini glass pedestal pastry stand


Even the simplest cupcakes or mini Bundt cakes will look holiday-ready with small cake cloches. Sprinkle powdered sugar and a few blooms and tuck the sweets under a sparkling dome and they will become a feast to the eyes.

Grace place settings with a fresh-picked cuff


Make a beautiful napkin band using flowers from your garden. To do: Collect a dozen assorted blooms. Pierce a 14″ length of floral wire through each bloom’s base, then twist the wire ends to form a ring. This gorgeous floral napkin holder will surely wow your guests.

If you need more ideas, you can visit Bloominous, a really cool website I found while looking for DIY flower arrangements. The site specializes in wedding bouquets and centerpieces, but they also cater for other occasions. The prices of their DIY kits are very affordable, too. Below are some of  their awesome designs just to give you an idea.

bloominous 7

bloominous 11

bloominous 3

Lipsticks For Pale Complexions

The best lipstick colors for pale complexions are those that are fresh rather than overpowering. Deep, bold lipstick colors can be suitable when drama is required or a sharp image is needed for a photography shoot. Softer shades however, can be the most flattering for everyday wear.

Incognito Lipstick Vibe Pink – Grrl Toyz

Incognito Lipstick Vibe Pink - Grrl Toyz

Pink colored lipsticks can help women with a pale complexion look healthy and vibrant. Care needs to be taken so that the pink color chosen doesn’t have a white undertone, unless a 1960s look is required. The best pink shades to choose range from those that are slightly darker in contrast to skin tone to those that are far warmer.

Incognito Lipstick Vibe Pink – Grrl Toyz – $11.99, Free shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace


Color Lip Last Sephora 05 Rose Bouquet – Reddish Pink

Color Lip Last Sephora 05 Rose Bouquet - Reddish Pink

Rose pink can be especially flattering on women with very pale skin, and tends to look great on individuals with delicate features and blond to mid brown hair. Women with darker hair may find they need to define their lips a little more, and a dusky rose or deeper plum color lipstick will do the trick.

Color Lip Last Sephora 05 Rose Bouquet – Reddish Pink – $36.00, 4.49 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace


Mac Lipstick- Relentlessly Red From Retro Matte Fall 2013 Collection

Mac Lipstick- Relentlessly Red From Retro Matte Fall 2013 Collection

Red colored lipstick can be daring next to a pale skin tone. Therefore, unless this is the wearer’s aim, subtle reds that have an orange, rather than blue-based undertone tend to achieve the most appealing result.

A great method for applying red lipstick to achieve a natural looking effect is to use a fingertip to spread color over lips. This results in lips appearing flushed rather than heavily made-up.


Mac Lipstick- Relentlessly Red From Retro Matte Fall 2013 Collection – $16.00, Free shipping – Available at Nordstrom


Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor Magnificent Mauve

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor Magnificent Mauve

Women with pale skin need to be wary of using purple-based lipstick colors. Subtlety is the key to achieving the best result. Gentle plum-toned mauve colors, rather than blue-based purple tones, are the most flattering.


Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor Magnificent Mauve – $5.59, 5.02 shipping – Available at Target.com


Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipcolor, Coral, .09 oz

Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipcolor, Coral, .09 oz

Just like white-based pink tones, orange lipstick colors can appear old fashioned and stale. Warm, pink-based orange lipstick colors can be flattering.


Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipcolor, Coral, .09 oz – $10.70, Free shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace


New York Colorsensational Lipstick, Mochachino 310, 0.15 oz (4.2 g) Browns 0.15 oz (4.2 g)&&

New York Colorsensational Lipstick, Mochachino 310, 0.15 oz (4.2 g) Browns 0.15 oz (4.2 g)&&

Brown lipstick colors are not generally attractive next to pale-toned skin. Colors that appear muddy provide an unflattering result. Women who love brown-based lipstick can benefit from adopting a warm, plum-based brown that is light in tone, or mixing subtle brown lipstick with pink.

New York Colorsensational Lipstick, Mochachino 310, 0.15 oz (4.2 g) Browns 0.15 oz (4.2 g)&& – $5.49, 5.48 shipping – Available at Amazon.com


Colour Riche Lipstick, Raisin Rapture (Plum Burgundy) 892 0.13 oz

Colour Riche Lipstick, Raisin Rapture (Plum Burgundy) 892 0.13 oz

Burgundy lipstick can achieve a completely different result to subtle pink. Burgundy is a warm color, although not as severe as red. Used sparingly, it can add color and depth so that lips are more noticeable without makeup looking too obvious.

Colour Riche Lipstick, Raisin Rapture (Plum Burgundy) 892 0.13 oz – $79.49, 4.49 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace


Women with a pale complexion have plenty of colors to choose from, depending on their mood and choice of venue. By avoiding brash colors and favoring subtle, fresh tones, women can achieve a great appearance with lipstick.


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How to Style: Flannels

Everyone has been going crazy about this trend for a while now, so I thought of writing a blog about it.

Let’s get started!

Since the rainy season has started, most days of the week are cold. Attached are pictures for those days:

When it’s the rainy season in our country, we still wear shorts because it isn’t too cold like the other countries.


Photo Credit

Your first option is to wear it like the usual, and then you pair it with shorts and a statement tee below. Your shoes may just be boots, closed shoes, or sandals that can be paired with an outfit like this. Whichever you prefer. If ever you feel like it’s still too cold, you could put on a beanie or a hat to feel a little bit more comfortable while outside in the rain.


Photo Credit

Your second option is to tie your flannel to your waist. This is most preferred by people who like to dress up. Put on a  statement shirt paired with black skinny jeans. And to top it all of, tie your flannel around your waist and accessorize as you like.


Photo Credit

This outfit is quite plain, but it already looks good. You can wear a comfy t-shirt paired with ripped jeans, and tied to your waist is the flannel. Finish the outfit with loafers and a bag that can carry all your things.

And when there are days when it’s not too cold, we wear this:


Photo Credit

Sleeveless tops or cropped tops also suit this style. Pick whatever top you want and wear your favorite leather shorts, and then tie your flannel on your waist. For more edge to the outfit, put on socks with the color of your flannel and finish it off with shoes with cut-offs on it.

Hope you guys now know how to style flannels! Rock it!

How To: Floral Nails

Flower Nail Art by The Nailasaurus

Photo from thenailasaurus.com

Since summer is ending and my sister and I got bored, we thought of painting my nails. We found various designs that could work with the dotting tools and we liked this design best. It’s our first time trying to use the dotting tool, so please don’t expect something great. We decided to use different nail polishes for the flowers. Here’s what you’ll need:

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

1. A base color. It depends on what color you would want to use. We used Atlantis by OMG nail colors.
2. Two different nail polishes. These two will serve as the petals and the center of the flower. For ours, we chose Banana Boat by OMG nail colors again, and then Pure White by Bobbie.
3. Dotting tools. If you don’t have dotting tools, the tip of an old ballpoint pen or a bobby pin will work fine too.
4. Top coat. Seal in the design with a transparent nail polish to make your design come together. We didn’t have a top coat, so we used Caronia’s base coat instead.

How to make the flower design:

To start, apply the blue base color on your nails. Once it’s dried, place a yellow dot on your nails using the dotter. Feel free to choose which dotting tool you want to use, but we used the biggest one. Next, surround the yellow dot with 5 or 6 white dots to form the flower. Here’s how it looks like on a piece of paper:


It takes lots of practice but it will look awesome once you get it right. Once you’re satisfied with how it looks, let it dry and top it off with a transparent coat. Here’s a snapshot of our final design:


Good luck and enjoy!


The Carrie Diaries: Carrie Bradshaw

If you don’t know what this series is, The Carrie Diaries is a prequel to Sex and The City. It went on to two seasons. Sadly, the show had been cancelled by The CW, along with two other shows, which was announced on May 8, 2014.

What I really like about this show is the fashion. You just can’t deny how amazing AnnaSophia Robb, who played Carrie Bradshaw in the series, was dressed. The colorful outfits are great! And without further ado, let’s take a look at the outfits.

Carrie (first on the left) was wearing a Mara Hoffman dress that she paired with a floral necklace, which I believe is from Topshop. The print is just amazing! And you can’t just ignore how pretty her hair is here.

Carrie Diaries5

This outfit is absolutely fantastic. I can’t believe how creative girls can be, mixing and matching colorful blouses to colorful skirts. Just amazing! Her accessories are also cute. The strap of the handbag has  the same pattern of her skirt, which is also really cute. And her earrings are strawberries! Colorful outfit at it’s best!

Carrie Diaries1

This is the handbag Carrie DIY-ed, Mark Cross’ “Scottie” handbag.

mark cross handbag

And this is the result. Well, what do you think? If I was asked of a reaction to this I’d definitely say that I like it to the point of wanting to DIY a bag, too.



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